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What does it mean to protect and be protected?


Searching Without a Warrant is a documentary that explores the encroaching global surveillance from government and corporations. The series focuses on privacy, safety, data security, and the legal questions behind surveillance efforts. The episodes are set in New Orleans, Detroit, Cairo, Dhaka, Sao Paolo, and Beijing.


I believe that surveillance is more threatening to people fighting for justice (immigrants and activists) than criminals. Standing up for a better technological world is hard, but also more important, in a society where trust has been eroded, battered, and devalued. I hope you’ll join me in making this series and do the work of envisioning and building a trustworthy future.

Our Team

Jon Galpern


Jon is an independent filmmaker from Texas and Mexico who currently resides in Detroit. Since 2016, Jon has worked as a video producer, director, and editor. He believes in the power of storytelling to empower social impact leaders and further social justice.


Michael Jackman

PRODUCEr and journalist

Born in Detroit, Jackman has attended New York University, the School of Visual Arts, Northwestern University and Wayne State University, though he never got a degree. Michael’s served as a journalist for the Detroit Metro Times since 2002. He has since won several writing awards and is now the paper’s longest-serving editorial employee. Michael Jackman is writing a book on the 1943 Detroit race riot.


Corey Gipperich


Corey is a cinematographer born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. His commercial clients include: Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet, Netflix, and Eminem. He’s been steering his career toward his passion feature filmmaking, and has worked in films, such as Transformers: The Last Knight, The Russian Five, Wolf Hound, and Future.


Emily Nichols


Emily is a film and commercial producer. She is a member of The Eightfold Collective, a collective of filmmakers and artists in Detroit. She’s worked as a producer for films, music videos and brands, such as Ford, GM, United Way, Wells Fargo, Nike and more.

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